Unusual Risks

The simultaneous stipulation of multiple loans may give rise to risk situtations that may result in insolvency.


In a study developed it was shown that with a pay of 1,600 euros, you can get loans from three separate financial , for a holiday, the purchase of a car and the renovation of a house .


The study took place with a reference base of 5,000 euros amortized in 48 installments of 125.10 euros, a loan of 25,000 euros on 84 installments of 401.60 euros and one of 30,000 euros amortized on 84 installments of 482 euros for a total of 60,000 euros. euro of loans with a monthly payment of 1008.70 euro and 20.227.20 euro of interest.

Therefore stresses the need to pay close attention to all contractual conditions before reaching a loan online.


The possibility also recognized by finance to constitute lending to those already underway can in the long term determine situations of financial difficulty. Considering that each loan has an applied interest rate, it is necessary to evaluate the annual rate (TAEG) (annual percentage rate currently referred to as ISC – synthetic cost indicator) which quantifies the true measure of the interest rate applied to the bank loan .


When these will be clearly defined, calculated and clarified in a transparent manner, then it will be possible to secure secure funding.