Sale of the fifth

Among the loans made through the sale of the fifth , it is a type of personal loan reserved for employees .


The grant of the loan, granted by Deutsche Bank, provides for a special form of installment repayment through the sale within the limits of the fifth of the monthly salary or pension in favor of the lending institution for a maximum period of 120 months.


Without necessarily opening a bank or post office account, the Quinto Banco Posta can be amortized up to a maximum of 120 monthly installments. In order to be able to obtain the loan, provided within 15 days from the date of acceptance of the notification of the assignment up to one fifth of the pension provided by the socia`l security institution , it will be sufficient to go to the authorized post offices without having to address to Inps or Inpdap locations.


The ” sale of the fifth ” loan, available at 1,400 post offices in Italy, is offered by Poste Italiane to pensioners without the application of any preliminary cost, without expenses for the monthly payment of the installment .

In the simulation of a 62-year INPDAP pensioner with a net monthly pension of € 1 . 250 and a monthly deduction on the pension of 250 euros can be obtained

Euro 9.909 (*) repayable in 48 monthly installments

TAN 7.44%, TEG 7.70%, TAEG 10.02% (including insurance costs)

For a 62-year-old INPS pensioner with a net monthly pension of € 900 , with monthly deductions from the pension of € 180 , € 8,724 (*) will be repayable in 60 monthly installments