Loans Without Envelope Paying

If the salary is the main guarantee to access a loan, how can you get it without having a regular salary or paycheck ?

If before the permanent contract was a guarantee to request and obtain what was desired by each bank, today, after the economic upheavals in recent years and especially after the crisis, the market seems to have changed and become more flexible.

Assuming that a loan grants a loan when it has sufficient certainty that the person requesting it is able to return it, otherwise it would be obliged to act against it, the alternative to the salary as collateral is a property or any a good or service that produces revenue and which constitutes a sufficient guarantee for the bank to provide the loan, even without certainty of a salary at the end of the month.

Another solution is to receive a rent on a property owned. In fact, some lenders might consider rent as perceived as a continuous good entry to grant the loan, but the amount must be modest and proportionate to the rent received. Then there is a third hypothesis to obtain loans without paychecks, in recent years, applied in particular cases by some banks.


In some cases, a credit institution can assess the possibility of granting loans without a paycheck if the applicant is a current account holder in that bank for years and, even if he does not have an income guarantee, he has made regular payments. But this type of loan without paychecks is applied very little as usually the banks claim an income guarantee or a real estate.To obtain the loan by following this procedure (which is recommended only in case of strict necessity), it will need, however, contact banking or financial institutions that offer this mortgage loan service for cash.


The alternative will be to stipulate a co-ordinated loan, ie a loan with the presence of a guarantor and a guarantor who in turn must offer guarantees such as a job, fixed income, a property in turn, any guarantee that is sufficiently robust for the financial loan.


Black workers also fall into the category of aspiring borrowers without payroll. Furthermore, even in the case of project work, or fixed-term work (where the duration of the employment contract is not sufficient to pay off the debt), additional guarantees must be provided.