Loans for Foreign Students

The School of Business and Dartmouth College (USA) have devised a new loan program exclusively for foreign students.


The search for financing solutions has always been a priority for , which has managed to obtain very competitive conditions despite the difficulties in accessing loans, a consequence of the delicate international climate.


The new funding program greatly facilitates foreign students who will no longer have to exhibit an American nationality guarantor. Candidates must demonstrate that they have real economic needs and request a loan that can go up to the total annual coverage, from which other loans or scholarships will be deducted.


The new variable-interest loans (currently set at 9%) have no opening costs. Steve Lubrano, ‘s Executive Director points out: “Recourse to private financial aid would be too burdensome for students. Our program, on the other hand, costs considerably less than the market offer “. The historical record of interest on loans offered by has reached a rate of 1%.


Dawna Clark, Director of Admissions, explains that this is a very favorable time to try the MBA admission test: “33% of our students come from 40 different countries. Here we are convinced that candidates with an international vision can make a concrete contribution on the pedagogical level and that thanks to their experience at they will be able to pursue the most diverse and ambitious careers. ”


The management wanted to create a simple and affordable financing program, aware that access to loans has always been particularly difficult for foreign students. Paul Danos, ‘s dean says: “Despite the economic downturns, ‘s students end up in the best companies and earn salaries among the highest in the market. We count on the fact that our graduates will continue in this direction and will be able to repay the loans as quickly as possible “.


Co-Director of the Career Development Office, Rebecca Joffrey adds: “Many talk about the return on investment (ROI) in terms of salary. Our network accompanies and supports students throughout their career. Whatever their needs are – funding for their business, help with finding work, professional relationships, the advice of a professor – all they have to do is pick up the phone and call us. And all this is even more true for those who have never worked in the United States “.


Founded in 1900, School of Business is the first school to have started an MBA program and since then it has consistently been ranked among the best business schools in the world, thanks to the ability to combine the human dimension, with the global dimension, rigorous study paths with experiences that require teamwork, solid traditions with innovation.