Loans and mortgages with dropper

Access to credit is increasingly difficult not only for companies or companies but also for families or young couples .


Finding a loan for the purchase of the house is now almost a rarity.

Among those monitored by MutuiOnLine, there were 11 banks in 2007 that proposed a mortgage for the entire value of the building: now they have become three. A difficulty that turns into an (almost) insurmountable obstacle when the request for a loan or a loan comes from those who do not have a permanent job or who has lost a job and decided to start their own business.

For an apartment of 200 thousand euro, at the Intesa Sanpaolo desk, it is possible for the applicant (permanent employee) a 100% mortgage, with a monthly payment, at a fixed rate of 6.2% for a thirty year loan, of 1,225 euros per month. Considering that the installment can not exceed one third of the monthly income, the subject who intends to buy (and get into debt) must earn at least 3,600 euros a month from permanent work. They are evidently conditions (stable employee employment and good salary) not really very common for the current thirty years old; the alternative is to lower the funding threshold, falling to 80%, which means already having its own availability of 40 thousand euros to which to add the 160 thousand loaned by the bank. The installment, always choosing a thirty year loan, falls to about 930 euros with a fixed rate of 5.7%

A thirty-year-old, on the other hand, interested in buying a house with his partner, with a non-permanent job, will have 80% financing at the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank; a variable mortgage with a ceiling (the maximum rate applicable is 5.5%) and with a monthly payment of just over 700 euros. But, being a time worker, it is necessary that there is a guarantor . Without one of the parents and especially from his paycheck or his pension, you can not otherwise access the mortgage.

In the Unicredit branch of employees (employees or self-employed) with fixed-term or project contracts, they will be able to obtain financing that can reach 70% of the value of the property (80% if you have a 60-month working continuity), up to a maximum of 200 thousand euros. And with a thirty year loan the first twenty are at a fixed rate and the other ten variables. Assume a mortgage of 150 thousand euros at twenty years, fixed rate at 6.40%, the monthly payment will be almost 1,200 euros (including insurance policy).

The tour does not lack a foreign bank: a branch of Barclays. The couple interested in buying is composed of an autonomous and a precarious. It oscillates between an installment for a variable rate mortgage of 619 euros and one with a fixed-rate loan of almost 900 euros. Everything good? Not exactly because the autonomous must be “long course”. So, without a tax file that shows income for a few years, problems can arise. For example, if the subject lost his job the previous year and chose to start his own business at the beginning of 2009, the certainty of the loan of a few moments before becomes a probability on which we must evaluate. Thus the top of the mountain is always there at the top.