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Small Loan , are you an employee or a public retiree a teacher or lecturer and you need liquidity?

Piccolo Prestito Inps

Just for you , makes available in 2018 the small loan former Inpdap a credit transfer at subsidized rates provided directly by the Institute through its own fund or through financial institutions and banks in agreement.

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Let’s go now to discover everything there is to know about this financing solution , formerly Inpdap.

Small loan to Public and Retired Employees 2018

All public workers, teachers and public and state pensioners enrolled in Inpdap management by now have the possibility to access the credit with loans with advantageous conditions managed by the NoiPA system .

Being a personal loan the applicant will not have to specify the reason for this request and with the money obtained will be able to decide what to do without any explanation.

This type of contract has two characteristics :

  • It can be of a maximum duration of 4 years.
  • The amount obtainable can be at most 4 net monthly payments . (For example, if the Sign Rossi is a public employee and receives a net salary of € 1,450, the maximum amount that can be obtained with the small loan will be € 5,800).

Small Armed Forces Loan

What about the possibility of accessing the loan that had once the employees of law enforcement and the armed forces?

From 1 January 2012, the National Institute of Employee Pensions for Public Administration ( Inpdap ), with the reform of the Monti government was eliminated by being incorporated by the National Institute of Social Security, perhaps more known by the acronym .

To date, the ex-Inpdap office manages the provision of small Noipa loans to the following categories:

  • Police
  • Carabinieri
  • Guardia di Finanza
  • Army military
  • Navy
  • Aeronautica

Therefore, public employees and retirees can obtain loans thanks to the registration to the management of public employees, the credit fund , (also known as the autonomous single management of credit and social services), or thanks to agreements with some financial institutions and banks.

Small Loan Does It Cost?

If you stipulate the contract directly with to obtain liquidity, it is better or not you have to establish it, the certain data and that there are many facilities .

Let’s analyze the various advantages you will enjoy with the small loan :

  • Interest rates .
  • The money obtained will be able to use it as you wish .
  • The money will be paid directly by which will stipulate a transfer of the fifth salary or pension.
  • The installment will be constant and for a maximum amount equal to 20% of the net salary .
  • The deduction of the installment will be made automatically by the pay check , without running the risk of forgetting the payment.

The benefits listed are not a trivial matter, now all that remains is to know something more about how to calculate the amount you will have to pay.

Small Loan: Installment Calculation and Simulation

The calculation of the installment is an aspect that certainly you do not want to underestimate in this regard the ex ipost provides simulators that will help you have an idea about it.

The online payment processors will ask you for some essential data:

  • Net salary
  • Date of birth

Below you can find the possibility to connect to the site for the simulation of your small loan by choosing the ideal installment for you or the specific amount you require, go to the dedicated page and connected to the simulator .

Remember that the amount of the installment will be determined by the amount you request, the repayment duration and the interest rate , with the small loan you already know that the TAN will be 4.25% to which will be added 0.50% of expenses administration and the cost of the Risk Fund premium established by specific tables that you can download , and all this will form the percentage of the APR of your loan.

How to Request the Small Loan

Once you know the benefits that funding gives you as an employee or public retiree, you probably want to know how to get the small loan to meet your family needs .

First of all, it is important to point out that the employee of state administrations or local authorities who are employed is obligatorily enrolled in the Credit Fund and pays the contribution with a payroll deduction of 0.35%, and can access the small loan.

What about other public employees?

The latter if they have joined the Credit Fund by 31 May 2008 will be able to access the small loan.

To receive funding, simply request online , simply follow all the instructions on the website in the section how to apply , or if you already want to fill out the application form because you have your pin and tax code fill in the fields in the portal.

Small Credit Management: Renewal and Early Termination

Once the institution grants the loan, you will find on the bank already provided for the credit of the pension or the salary the agreed liquidity and you will not have to think about anything else.

The first repayment installment will be deducted directly from your envelope starting from the second month following the payment of the money.

What if you want to renew or pay off the debt early ?

You can renew the small loan only after having repaid the following monthly installments:

  • 6 if you have made an annual loan
  • 12 if you have made a two-year loan
  • 18 if you have made a three-year loan
  • 24 if you have made a four-year loan

It is also possible to pay off the small loan in advance simply:

  • Request the extinction count (the document that certifies the installments paid and those still to be paid)
  • Deposit the remaining debt in a single solution
  • If the contract provided for it there could be an obligation to pay an extinction penalty (it will never exceed 1% of the remaining capital).
  • The portion of the risk provision will be reimbursed based on the shortening period of the guarantee

Absolutely noteworthy is that if the owner of the loan were to fail or were to find himself in a situation of absolute disability contracted in service, they will terminate all his obligations towards the credit fund and any heirs will not answer for anything.

Small Loan Waiting and Withdrawal Times

From the moment you submit your request to to know the status of the practice you will need to contact the office that is handling your application.

On average , waiting and delivery time varies from 45 days up to 60 days.

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