Disability Pension 2018 How to Get Loans and Fifth Transfer?

Disability pension, when is it possible to obtain financing ?

Do you have any plans to make? We try to understand how and when you can get the money you need. Even if another institution has denied you the loan , there are real possibilities of obtaining new liquidity .

Do you have a question? We are at your disposal. 

Let’s find out now how to get a disability pension loan.


Pension Disability: minimum amount of pension.

 When it comes to a pension loans or sale of the fifth retired , income is a key issue. In both cases the applicant must:

  • receive a minimum income to guarantee adequate subsistence
  • do not take into account any additional accompanying income. This does not accumulate, so it will not be considered for the calculation of the monthly payment to be repaid.

Regarding the minimum income, if we talk about the transfer of the fifth, INPS for the year 2018 has established as a minimum threshold of about 506 euros. What does it mean?

Given that the minimum installment for a loan by assignment of the fifth is 50 euros, if a pensioner received 550 euros per month, he could not proceed through this financing formula. After deducting the installment of 50 euros, the pension net of the deduction, would not respect the minimum threshold required by the social security institution.

We can therefore say that a request for assignment of the fifth INPS invalidity pension can be submitted only if the applicant receives an income equal to or greater than 560 euros per month (without considering any accompanying income).


INPS Retired Loans Disability: how to apply?

Before proceeding with a loan application to a financial institution or a bank, the advice is to ask him what the exclusions or minimum requirements are required. If we talk about a disability pension financing it means proceeding with a request and subsequent verification of the credit data banks as Crif.

An unsuccessful request, reported in the database, will penalize the credit profile of the applicant, compromising future requests forwarded to other institutions.

Precisely for this reason we recommend to make sure with the bank if with the type of pension and the monthly income are congruous with their parameters, so as not to encounter surprises.


Assignment of the Fifth of the Disability Pension: why Thomas Bigger?

We are a brokerage company (registered OAM Albo agents and brokers at No. M 359 ) and for this we avail ourselves of numerous agreements with the main Italian credit institutions. Active for over 15 years in the credit sector, the company is active throughout the country with a rich staff of consultants. In every city we are able to offer advice directly at home. Our service is free!

Although we guarantee maximum flexibility and efficiency, it is correct to specify that some categories of pension are not manageable even through us. This is the case, for example, of the pension of:

  • civil disability
  • social

In many cases, on the other hand, we are able to positively assess requests for the assignment of the fifth to invalid pensioners. This is the case, for example, of Vittorio, a retired invalid IO category. Vittorio contacted us and wrote:

I asked for a BancoPosta loan, but it was not accepted by age because I am 74 years old; I live in Milan alone because I am a widower. I need about 10,000 euros for medical expenses. I have to support the dentist’s expenses. I perceive a pension IO category can I do something?

In this case we opted for a fifth transfer with IO disability pension, solutions that guaranteed liquidity beyond the client’s expectations. In a few days Vittorio received the bank transfer for the credit of the requested sum.

Even if you have refused a loan by assigning the fifth pension to disability pension, contact us. Evaluate your position for free and we will check between the various insurance companies partners, the possibility of proceeding with the requested financing.