Cession of the Fifth , Employees Get the Loan!

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Cessione del quinto dipendenti esselunga

You are an employee you need liquidity and you are wondering if there are loans tailored for you with benefits. If you have finally been hired indefinitely it could be a good starting point to reach your goal.

Whether you are a retiree or an employee of a public private company if you need money do not despair, financial products to achieve your goal exist.

The transfer of the fifth, introduced with the Presidential Decree No. 180 of 1950 and mad\e applicable to private employees with the 2005 reform, could be the alternative suitable for you.

Without having to specify the reason why you need money while respecting the simple requirements you can get what you need.

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Cession of the Fifth Employees: How Does It Work?

As depends, the assignment of the fifth can be the personal loan you need, there are no conventions in particular, but the only essential requirement is that you have a permanent contract with a few months of seniority.

To access the liquidity through this type of contract you will not have to offer other guarantees to the lending institution, neither real estate, nor the signature of guarantors, for the financial the guarantee lies in the method of return used .

It is your employer’s obligation to keep the installment of your loan directly from your paycheck , from the moment you accept the request, even if, being your right, you can not refuse.

This form of loan can be requested even if:

  • You are a bad payer
  • You have other loans in progress

To protect against unforeseeable events such as dismissal, resignation or death, the law provides for the stipulation of an insurance policy that covers the risks.

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Assignment of the fifth Employees: Installment calculation

Assumed that you have a permanent employment with you just have to calculate the credit you can access, taking into account the precise parameters that this type of loan requires.

Here are some of the mandatory features:

  • The duration of the loan repayment from a minimum of 2 years up to a maximum of 10 years.
  • The maximum amount obtainable depends on your monthly income and the company you are targeting.
  • The monthly payment will never exceed 20%, ie one fifth of your monthly net salary.

Taking these aspects into account, it is clear that you will never be able to obtain a sum greater than the amount you can repay in ten years with an installment of 20% of your salary, but another advantage that gives you the assignment is the possibility of renewing it.

After paying a precise number of installments with the exact 40% of the total you can renew your loan so as to obtain additional liquidity.

Cession of the Fifth employees, how to request a quote?

Have you decided that this form of financing is right for you? Now you just have to request a quote and make a final decision.

The documents you will be asked for are simple:

  • Identity document, health card and residence permit if you are a foreigner.
  • Payroll.
  • cud

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