Easy Loans on the Web

The loan is served on the Web , but at what risks? If you only need a paycheck and an Internet connection to get a loan today, risking debt up to your neck is just as simple. The alarm launched by concerns the easy loans granted by online financial institutions, which would increase the risk […]

Senior Loans

Senior debt is the complex of medium / long-term loans , which bear a preferential repayment clause with respect to other payables.   Their duration is between five and eight years and their total repayment always precedes the amortization of subordinated debt and any mezzanine debt used to complete the financing of the operation. Senior […]

Loans in Foreign Currency Pools

Export and import credits can only be granted by credit institutions that have the status of an agent bank of the Bank of Italy. This qualification is a general authorization to perform, in compliance with the currency discipline, interventions of various kinds concerning foreign trade . Loans in foreign currency pools are typically granted to […]

Export and Import Financing

Export and import financing consists of an extension of the loan function to relations with foreign countries . The bank carries out these operations when the foreign importer requests a deferral of payment and the national exporter is required to cash in as quickly as he is entitled, or when the national importer has to […]

Unusual Risks

The simultaneous stipulation of multiple loans may give rise to risk situtations that may result in insolvency. In a study developed it was shown that with a pay of 1,600 euros, you can get loans from three separate financial , for a holiday, the purchase of a car and the renovation of a house . […]

Loans for Foreign Students

The School of Business and Dartmouth College (USA) have devised a new loan program exclusively for foreign students. The search for financing solutions has always been a priority for , which has managed to obtain very competitive conditions despite the difficulties in accessing loans, a consequence of the delicate international climate.   The new funding […]

Loans and mortgages with dropper

Access to credit is increasingly difficult not only for companies or companies but also for families or young couples . Finding a loan for the purchase of the house is now almost a rarity. Among those monitored by MutuiOnLine, there were 11 banks in 2007 that proposed a mortgage for the entire value of the […]

Loans without Jobs

An important initiative initiated by the Pastoral Development of the Solidarity Economy to guarantee the work of its citizens. The SPES fund , thanks to agreements with leading banks, allows access to five-year loans for the start of new autonomous activities (commercial, craft, production and services). What is worth stressing is that no capital guarantees […]

Sale of the fifth

Among the loans made through the sale of the fifth , it is a type of personal loan reserved for employees . The grant of the loan, granted by Deutsche Bank, provides for a special form of installment repayment through the sale within the limits of the fifth of the monthly salary or pension in […]

New Consumer Credit

Thanks to the directive 2008/48 on consumer credit , implemented by the Government at its meeting on July 30th, Italian consumers will have new rights when taking out loans. The reform, which will come into force in 2011, after the issuance of secondary regulations by the Bank of Italy and the Interministerial Credit and Savings […]

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